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July 02, 2012



I can so relate. I have stacks too. One stack needs journaling, another stack needs a photo or two, another stack needs to be finished, another stack needs pit away...uurrgghh..drives me crazy at times.

I think I actually need to schedule time to work on stacks..lol!

I just took Nichol's class and she stated that she finds that a glue gun is the best adhesive for these accordion flowers. I LOVE Scotch Quick Dry ashesive- so far so good..but then maybe when I go thru my many stacks I might find some loose things too..lol!

Have a GREAT monday!
Smiles from PA!


Two words you will thank me for when you don't have burnt fingers Laura....Glossy accents! put it on the circle under the rosettes and then put an acrylic block or something heavyish on top and allow that to dry (also use it to attach the two ends together) then when you go back a few moments later in the hole very center of the rosette add a little more and put your topper on the top of it (circle flower etc) and those will stay together For Eva! :D

Kim Thomas

Hi Laura. I agree about the glossy accents. Those rosettes are tough to hold down. Since I started adding glossy accents I haven't had any problems. Glue Dots are awesome though, this is the only time that they don't seem to work. Your layouts are gorgeous as always. Take care. :)

Diana Waite

makes me laugh because I have a "system" for my layouts that need to be put away--umm the stack is pretty high and NEEDS to be taken care of!! :)


Oh, I have a bunch of those scrap boxes from Michael's full of LO's plus a stack not in them. I have had the same problem with the rosettes too! :) I go for the tiny attacher and the glossy accents as well. Lately though, after putting some LO's into albums not long ago, I am going for a little less dimensional. I can't fit very many pages in a book anymore and will run out of room to store albums very, very soon!

Jeannie L

Yes use hot glue for rosettes and before attaching the 2nd circle to the front, add more hot glue inside into the hole and I'll also use scor tape if I need to join 2 strips to make the rosette.

If only I can scrap as fast as you, I'll definitely be cleared of my backlog in no time :P

Kathy Martin

lol! You got a big project there, Laura! I should send a picture of my stack. Oh my! Seriously out of control! FYI a glue that always works, Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive. Looks just like a regular white glue, dries pretty quick and once it's dry...nothing falls off! My problem is that I don't always remember to reinforce all my chipboard accents and titles so when I go through my pages, to put them in albums, I have to fix a few things too! ;)


There is an up side to waiting so long to put layouts in albums. Sometimes it's been so long since I've done the layout that I've almost forgotten about it and it's a really nice surprise to see it! Hey, I have to find silver linings where I can.


OMG! Look at the stack girl!! That is a lot of LOs!! I think that it's good to go back and check for needed repairs. Usually for me it's chipboard letters. Lol!

Tiffany Hood

Love this post. Glad I'm not the only one with a huge stack :) I use Tacky Tape to stick the ends of my rosettes together (also called Sticky Strip) it's the red 1/4 inch tape on the roll. I've never had a problem with them coming apart. I also put strips of it on the bottom circle to press the rosette onto, and they stay put. That stuff's the stickiest stuff on the planet :)


Oh my gosh I am so glad this happens to other people. I thought it was just me! I just made a whole wreath with rosettes and I used a glue gun. So far so good. I think that is what is going to work for me. After you went through your to be fixed pile I hope it was not nearly as big.

Karen Decker

OMGosh! What a stack!!! Impressive. Half the fun is looking at your beautiful creations later as they are put into albums. Am I the ONLY person who doesn't put my pages in my albums in order? I feel lucky and accomplished just by the mere miracle that they get done!! I love using rossettes on my lo's. I have been using hot glue, next one I make I will try glossy accents or quick dry. Thanks for the tips!

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