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September 04, 2012



I love this post! I am "that" kind of shopper too and my baby sister towers over me - so funny. Have a great day.

Kathy Martin

I bet your girls are a real hoot, keep you laughing and on your toes! :)


LOL! they are a hoot!

Cynthia B.

I would totally go back for one of my Kohl's coupons too! :) cute girls - glad you got these pics.


Hi Laura,
LOVE LOVE this fun post, your girls are so pretty and FUNNY!! I can't believe how tall she is and WOW to have legs like that. I'm short barely 5'1 really. My 2 oldest pass me and the next two will be soon.

Have a great time at the wedding, oh and we don't have nice clothes for weddings either. Share some pictures if you can all dressed up with your family.

Sara Rossi

They are too funny! Love their faces. Have fun at the wedding!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Fun pictures. I have one daughter who will be way taller than the other too (and I'm also very guilty of rebuying stuff to get it cheaper). Hope you guys enjoyed the wedding and your weekend. :)

laurie lariviere

love those photos, been a little bit since I have been to your blog, been sooo busy getting kids off to school, now I can relax and visit more often! the height difference is too cute, I have cousins who are sisters, they are a year apart, the older one is 5 feet exactly, the younger one is 5'11"...yes it's pretty funny, their mom is tall, dad is short...my daughter's goal is to be 5 feet too, I am 5'8" and hubs is 5'6" so maybe she has a chance...:)

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