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September 14, 2012


Diana Waite

HOw fun that she captured all these FUN memories!

laurie lariviere

what fun high school memories for Alyssa! My daughter was in the middle school band and I really loved going to see her concerts, but sadly she quit and doesn't want to play an instrument "ever again!" in her words...she was good at it too!


I'm in my fourth year as a band mom...and I have four more to go, as my son will be a freshman the year after my daughter graduates. How exciting for your family and your daughter! And what great photos she has captured! Is that a clarinet I see in the photos? My daughter is in "pit" and plays marimba. I am looking forward to see how you scrap your marching band photos as I am in the process of putting all of mine into an album for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!


Enjoy tonight! I spent the last 6 years as a band mom and loved them, in fact this year seems a bit off with no kids in marching band (here's hoping my 6th grader will join in 3 years).


Lol! Hey...Watch it Laura...there are lots of us football moms out here! :) Have to tell u though, although we will always be football fans first, we are so proud of our band! The school spirit our band exudes at every game, win or lose, is fanominal! A football game wouldn't be complete w/o them! Love the photos ur daughter captured! So much inspiration on ur blog, I just love stopping by! :)

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