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November 16, 2012


Diana Waite

Laura--I LOVE the idea you still made a CUTE page with all of those pictures on it--FANTASTIC job!!


uurrgg..having trouble with TypePad today. I think this is the 3rd time me posting- hope you don't see duplicates...ha!

Well, once again you have rocked the color combination. I would have never thought to use a pink on this type of layout, but you did with such ease..ha! You amaze me, and you are also 'really' pushing me towards a Sil/Cameo...oh boy!

I love all the accents and colors you used. Who manuf the striped patterned paper-that would PERFECT for your pictures.

Thanks for such a detail post too- I always like seeing a peek into your work and choices.

Have a GREAT and BLESSED Thanksgiving.
Warm smiles


Laura do you do a complete set of shapes twice...one in colour and one in white??? cos i can see some white behind your shapes???
is it like a shadow...no more of an outline...no cos it aint bigger....the effect looks cool what ever you call it!! lol
love ya work!!!


Love the page - especially the patterned paper at the bottom. I thought at first you had cut strips of paper but now I'm thinking it's one sheet. Also, the silhouette blog is giving away a cameo so go try and win it - you deserve it!!


Such a fabulous layout, Laura, and so worth the two year wait. Love Kerri's words. They look great and, I, too, always loose the dots. Your pocket for your journaling is the best.

Becki Adams

This is an amazing layout! I love all the photos! You are incredibly talented!

Kathy Martin

Great page for lots of photos!!!! Love that you have written thankful cards tucked inside! :)

Michelle Lanning

I love this Laura!


Love it! Awesome way to capture a family Thanksgiving. It worked out great for the rest of us, since now we have an idea what to do. The colors, design, everything is beautiful.

And the adhesive?...if you don't mind the smell of baby powder, just sprinkle a bit on the journaling cards, and brush it off. It removes the stickiness.


what's really funny is that i loved your first post and got all the stuff together and took pics of all the family and put the mini album and all the stuff together in a storage box and that's still where it sits two years later!!! See...you're not the only pathetic one! LOL Anyways, now I have an idea for getting it done :) Thanks again.


Wanted to pop in and say have a HAPPY and BLESSED THANKSGIVING! Hope it is relaxing as much as it is fun for you, Joe and the girls.

sasha farina

that is A LOT OF PHOTOS!! yes.. i'm so excited. lol. loving your style, friend. missed you a lot!

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