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December 13, 2012



Hey there Laura-
I just wanted to mention that I myself have had light issues on our pre-lit tree: but last year I discovered this little gem called the light tester pro?? I think
I bought it at target in the section where u buy the replacement bulbs, and wow weez- that thing really works.. Where I had like two whole sections out/ it really was only a matter of changing 3 bulbs.. Viola- this pro lite gun gadget told me exactly which ones where out ;))
So any ways- just thought I would share ---
Happy holidays !!


Was wondering where you were..ha! Like you don't have enough with CHA and all of that craziness- let's thru in the biggest holiday of the year..lol.

I purposedly don't do things like a Dece Daily, and other scrap projects because why ADD more things to our plate, right?

As of last nite at 12:30am- really this morning- I have my Christmas cards all done, tree/decor is up, shopping/wrapping is now complete, and holiday baking has been under way for over a week...so...whew. I think I can finally relax and 'enjoy' the season...that is right after my DH's surgery next week. That is why I am so ahead- I needed to be.

God love ya for even thinking of shopping during this time- I don't do crowds like I used to..I wonder if that is because I am home alot. I don't have to deal with people.

SO nice to see you blog. It really is a bright spot in my day.

Merry Christmas!
Warm smiles

Diana Waite

yay! I REMEMBER that card--I actually won your leftovers that year and LOVED making them! We actually inherited the lit tree we have now, the other one...just SAD, it worked many years but the tree we have is much nicer. But I'm still proud of that $10 I got at Target on clearance (it was regularly $100). shopping done. yes, I know I'm a freak, I just hope everyone likes what they get! Good luck!


I think we could be twins!

My boys are older (16 & 13) so there is no "magic" for the holidays. I wanted to do the Elf on a Shelf so bad that I sent a set to my cousin who has little ones and I live vicariously through her.

Our fake tree finally died and I'm too cheap/lazy to get a real one. I'm hoping to get another fakey after Christmas.

The kids "toys" are more and more expensive so they just get one each. (New bike for the 13 year old & a Letterman jacket for the 16 year old)so they picked them out themselves.

Happy Holidays!!!
The Grinch (ha ha)


BTW-cute card :)

Sandy Andriese

Hey Laura...save yourself the hassle and shop online. No parking lots, no crowds, no pushing and shoving. Or go late at night...just my 2 cents. lol


ha ha! You sound like me! I am so not into christmas this year. I didn't even make a card and my elf is still in the crawl space. I'm a bad mom...just can't get into it.

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