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December 16, 2012



Hey Laura- nice to see ya!! I wondered if you were among the shoppers this weekend. I have been stuck on the computer for a few days printing pictures. What I wouldn't pay to have someone else edit, re-size, and organize my prints...uurggh!

But nice to relive the memories as printing-so it is all good, right?

Cute card and a great way to use your leftovers. LOVE that woodgrain background-who makes that folder?


What do you use to get those tiny, skinny words like "Enjoy" to stick and to stay?


Julie- I have seen gals use spray adhesive, but I pull out my trusty Zig 2 way glue pens. They work perfect for these 'skinny' pieces. I also use my Tombow mono glue glue too at times.

Hope that helps and hope Laura pops in with what she uses.
Merry Christmas.

Laura Vegas

You know, I've never figured out how to "reply" to questions here in the comment section. Which is why I always email my answers to whoever asks. I guess it just seems weird to comment on my own blog. Lol. I use my Xyron sticker maker machines all the time for things I die cut. I have several sizes, and I just run them through there. I have heard of using the Zig pen, but I just havn't though to try it yet. And I know some use spray adhesive, but it's just not a preferred way for me.

Kathy Martin

Oh wow! Love this one, Laura! Love the circles and texture! :)


Great card! Sure wish I could pull one together in 5 minutes that looks like that. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Diana Waite

HA! Love when a plan comes together only to be foiled by "no one else is doing that mom!" I think it's GREAT and yay for being prepared for the next time! :)


great card! So many fun details but easy to make!

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