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January 08, 2013


Laura G

Loved the first volume---can't wait for this one! Thanks for the chance!


My whole room unfortunately, is a mess right now. But I am working on organizing it!

Beverly Jordan

Love that you have a great big table!! My problem is I got a bigger office desk for my scraproom, but even though I have a deep deep drawer for all my ribbons, etc, it never is going to fit them all. I need a larger desk top as well!

Misty M

Oh wow! I sooo need this book! I am currently storing all of my scrappy stash in 12 Jetmax cubes in a corner of our master bedroom and have to pull projects to the kitchen table to work on them. I am looking for a creative way to make a work surface amongst my cubes that will not take up much more room. Surely I could find an idea {or two} in this publication!!!

Kim Olea

Let's see, I think the counter next to my work table is what I have a hard time keeping organized.


My problem is that I don't put supplies away when I'm finished with them. My New Year's resolution is to try and keep my area once I have finished with a project. Thanks for sharing.

April W

What a great idea Laura! I struggle with keeping my little bits organized...the tags, envies, diecuts, etc. I keep them in a drawer but it takes SO long to find the one I'm looking for...
- April W

Gina Lideros

How exciting to be part of this issue and your space is so fun! Love your wall, and your happy sign.

Melinda T

I lost my scrap room to my girls, so now all my stuff is all over the house and in my husband's man cave! I'd love to get it organized and in one space! Would love to be inspired and get it done soon!

Julie Mitchell

As a Librarian, everything has a place and is well organized by type and colour. My only problem may be that I have so much old material that I can't seem to remember everything I have!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Love the peek into your scrap space, and want to see more! :) I think the hardest area to keep organized is the little titles and phrases (like all the fun pieces by My Minds Eye) I've tried a few different things but I'm not happy with any of them so far. Ideas??

Jennifer O

I have a lot of older stickers/die cuts/phrases etc. stored in sticker binders. They are organized by theme but I tend to forget what I have.


I'm short on space..1/2 of my bedroom is scrapbook material...my poor husband...and I use our bed to create on..and not the kind it should be used for..ha! So I have to finish what I start so I can put everything back.
I long for a space to call my own..even if it's a work desk..where I can leave a project and return to it later..I'd create more if I had that!


LOVE what you did & that aqua tray is stunning! My alpha letters are my problem .... I wish I could find a way to store them. I've tried storing the fabric ones separate from the paper and so on, but that's not working either!


One area I struggle with?!?! All of it right now....I'm crossing my fingers that I get a new space in the coming months. I've outgrown the small corner in my living room. I think I struggle with is photo storage...Thanks for the chance to win :)

Lori P

I have a hard time organizing my pictures. I have 3 older kids, so I have tons of pics in photo boxes, but they are not easy to organize for some reason. I go thru the boxes and and it seems I find some to do a layout one and then later forget what is in the boxes and have to re go thru them.


So excited about a new issue of Creative Spaces! My biggest struggle is dealing with piles of paper on my desk--scraps, inspiration pieces, and memories to save. I'm working on it, but I haven't finished the task yet.

Wendy A

I loved the first issue and can't wait to get this one. I have a hard time keeping up with all the layouts i create, they have taken over ti put it mildly!

Leigh Penner

Great space! I struggle with putting things away before starting on the next project-- which leaves it in quite a mess!
Thanks for the chance to win!


This CK issue would help me so much. I'll go with; letters, stickers, stamps for starts. I can use so many ideas...

Mandy S.

I have so many small odds and ends that can't organize.


Love seeing a little piece of your space! I struggle with all the different embellishments and haven't figured out the best way to organize them so I remember what I have and also use them. Maybe I just need to have less stuff! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Sue D

I like your Happy space! I need help with what to do with ongoing projects when I need to work on something else.

Kim K.

I scrap at crops alot, but I wish I had a space at home where I could scrap without taking 2 hours to get everything together that I need. Love your Happy Place Laura.


I love what you have done with the desk. Your wall art in the background looks cool too! Recycle, reduce, reuse right? I struggle most with organizing the little clear stamps like from Michaels or clear stamp sets like from Ali Edwards. Thanks!

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