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February 08, 2013



What a great layout to showcase all the 'snippets' of your life at the time.
I love all the details you put into all of your layouts..Another one for the FAV folder Laura.

I am doing Lain Ehmann's LOAD challenge right now and one of your layouts inspired me for one of Lain's prompts and I posted your blog and you as my inspiration. Thank you!


Great layout! It's amazing how beautiful you can make a grid layout look. And a 2pg grid layout? Wow!

Sara Rossi

Love this!! I don't share as much on FB anymore but I'd like to do something like this with Instagram, I think....hmmmm

Kathy Martin

Way cool page idea! :)

Ruth G

Great LO! I love the title (looks corrugated, but I have a feeling it's just a striped chipboard design.)
I am so into using the internet for hybrid scrapping! It's such a fantastic tool, along with a good printer, to make scrapbooking more fun when what you need isn't sold in any store!
TFS and have a great weekend! I hope the breakneck pace lets up for you soon!


I LOVE this idea for a layout!

Jennifer Edwardson

LOVE this Laura .... such a great layout :)))

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