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May 29, 2013



Awesome project! You have given the whole family a great gift; one that is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come.


This is so cool & something she will treasure for ever! Awesome Laura!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

This is really awesome, Laura! I am sure that this album will be a keepsake for the lucky girl who received it. Wow, what a cool way to have all her newspaper clippings preserved!


What a fantastic project! It is so fun! WOW!

My son has played baseball since he was 3 and he is now 16. Hmmm, maybe I should do this too.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Mendi Yoshikawa

What an undertaking!!! You did a beautiful job. I think I would have been a bit intimidated by all the newspaper clippings and hardly any photos, but you worked your magic. Love the title pages separating each year. :)


Absolutely amazing!! The album is AwEsOmE!!! I love the words and phrases throughout the book and how they simply surround the newspaper articles. What a gift you made :)


WOW WOW WOW!! This looks GREAT!! How sweet that they asked you to help do this for them. I like seeing the newspaper articles in here, really makes the album.

I should get started on this for Sam too, he's been in soccer & basketball since age 4 and is 11 now. This will be so cool to have ready for him at graduation.
My other plan in the works is saving all his sport shirts and having a lady in our town sew them into a blanket when he graduates. He can take it to college with him, a little piece of home.

LOVED your pasts posts too Laura, you never stop amazing me with your talent and ideas!

Happy almost summer break to you and girls!


This is so awesome! I am putting together an album of four years of marching band (and competitive drumline) for my senior daughter, and I was feeling uninspired by looking at the same subject over and over again. Your approach has inspired me again! Thanks so much for sharing!

Diana Waite

LAURA! This is truly an AWESOME album--way to go to the dad for saving all the clippings but GENIUS of you to put it together--it's SO fun to look at!

Cynthia B.

Amazing album, Laura! This is such a treasure for their family. Love all the cuts and fonts you used.
One question about the newspaper clippings - did you put anything on them - archival spray, I think they call it? Just wondering about the long-term effect of age/yellowing of the newspaper.
Thanks for sharing!!

Nancy Jo

What a fantastic job Laura! And I loved hearing about your process for the whole album. Absolutely awesome!


This is *totally* awesome!!! I wish I had something like this for my high school basketball days. Thanks for sharing all the details of this!


You rock :)


wow! what a wonderful project!! awesome job Laura..x

Kim Thomas

Seriously awesome! Wow, that is one amazing album. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)


What a special gift! This turned out amazing!!

Tammy Cappolina

Love this. Only 1 week? You just inspired me. My daughter will graduate next year so I have a year to do this. Think I will do a separate one for all of her years in dance too!


Looks awesome! Thanks for all the photos as I too am doing an album as a gift for a graduate. I work with her mom which is the only reason I agreed to do it. Unfortunately not only do I have lots of clippings from events I also have the typical homecoming, prom and various other event photos for all four years. Since she did the same three sports every year I was starting to run out of phrase ideas by junior year so looking at this is going to get me through the rest. I also loved having Kerrie's school kit and the BB sport collection from a few years ago to work with, it makes for a cohesive look with the die-cuts and some papers repeating.


OK, that was such an awesome experience for me to follow your process. I am so impressed with the professionalism and yet warmth of the album. Please help me understand the Kerri Bradford products...I love all the fonts and phrases but don't understand how you use them from a download to a die cut..can anyone explain in easy words?? Thanks sooooooo much for sharing your genius.

Julie Steffens

Iam currently on the 3rd child of 4- highschool albums for my good friends children. Black and orange are the school colors. I get quite bored doing so many newspaper articles. I usually do a two page spread with both pages the same. Every year is not done the same but kinda go as I see it. Right now I am doing 2 orange 2 black 2 diff orange 2 cream and repeat. I will sometimes use the crosstown rivals school colors to change things up when there is a two page spread for that game. the first page of each new year has there picture for that year with the year/date
it is fun to see the articles as you see many people you know if i get bored I will do the fun pages homecoming, prom etc. to break up the boredom I do them on a full 12/12 and then adhere to scrapbook pages later.

Elizabeth Copeland

This is amazing! I have been struggling for years with how I would organize all the paper clippings I've collected for years for my Junior son...this is absolutely what I needed to see to pull together the vision on how to organize his newspaper scrapbook for Senior year!

Shelley Downes

I'm starting my daughters high school and college softball album and didn't know where to start because I have so many newspaper clippings! Thank you for giving me some ideas! What album cover did you use?

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