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May 02, 2013


Kristin O.

This post cracked me up - we all have projects half done all over the house! (It does happen to all of us, right?) With the hundreds of gorgeous layouts you create, I'm impressed you find time to do other things even halfway. And the cleanliness of your cabinet tops - you rock!! I really loved learning that one of my scrapbook heroes is human like me!


Oh Laura I do the same thing. You aren't the only one. :) Lots of half finished projects. My cupboards have lots of the artificial greenery and nothing else. Can't seem to find anything I like. I have windows we replaced that don't have the trim up yet. I have tile sitting in my office for the past 15 mo. that needs to go on the laundry room floor. Trim that needs to go around the new cabinets we put up in the laundry room Feb. 2012. New windows that need to be varnished (weather is NOT cooperating!).

May I say, your cabinets are pretty!!!


Love that print in the blue frame. Where did you get it? I just may need it. I also LOVE anything Kerri Bradford does. I may need that project too :)


I'm so glad to learn I'm not the only one with really good intentions that gets sidetracked halfway through! It does look gorgeous now - thanks for sharing the pictures!

Martina Alcock

We are all human! so glad I am not the only woman out there with half finished projects in the house.....

Mendi Yoshikawa

So funny! I think I have the exact same tendencies. I get all excited with an idea and then I don't follow through. I have some art I made for my scrapbook room over a year ago that still is just sitting there un-hung.

I love your wall color! I think I may have painted my dining room almost that exact same color & I also am collecting blue and yellow (& a little red) accent pieces! The colors make me feel happy! :)

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