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June 04, 2013


Monique Liedtke

What a fabulous layout! I just love the colors, the arrows, the title and those photos of course! they really make me smile :)


GORGEOUS layout Laura. LOVE the color scheme and those wonderful arrows. The story is cute too...ha! Maybe not for you, but serously, cute. Are the girls on summer break yet? Time is flying, flying, flying.
Have a GREAT day with Devon today. Smiles ~ Janet


That is a SERIOUSLY cute LO and your subject is too cute too!
It's cool that the Mom's of the kids you watch let you use the pics of their kids on the net too...is that because they end up falling heir to your gorgeous LOs or do you get to keep them?
Anyway....GREAT work! Thanks for inspiring! :D


Oh SO cute! I love the arrow directions on the page . . . seriously :)


Totally adorable, Laura!!! Both the layout and the little guy. Great patterned paper color combo and I love, love the diecut frames and arrows. SERIOUSLY cute!

Laura T.

What an adorable layout ... and baby! Love all the arrows.

Mendi Yoshikawa

How adorable! I am so drawn to your color scheme and the cute way you mitered the corners of the wood paper. Love the frames and title too! :)

Little Nat

This is so cute! And, of course, now I have to purchase the sliders kit from Kerri!

Jeannie L

Just LOVE your layout as always and they are definitely missed. Loved the sports album you did too. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

P.S Devon is just so cute.

Kathy Martin

Awesome! I love the wood frame border! :)


How cute this is, and he is too! Love the frames and arrows, great colors!

I know all about the clingy ones. My last daughter was the same way. I had to take her on my hip everywhere. She only did this with me, when I'd leave for work she would play and be so good with my hubby. Even my next older daughter would ask Why? Cry? Stop? as she was only 2 yrs old but I could tell it was wearing on her also. She wouldn't even start walking because she wanted me to carry her. I had to hold her every night before bed too. Finally one day at 14mths. I had to go tough love and it was ugly and I was a basket case. Will skip the awful results and just say she finally moved off my hip and explored the world.
Good luck with Devon and hope he does better for you.

Christine N

this is awesome! And what a fun title! It was great to meet you on Saturday at CKU. (I'm Linda's friend.)

Kim Thomas

Awesome layout Laura! You are amazing. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Take care. :)

Diana Waite

thank GOODNESS for good days with Devon! VERY cute layout--wishing you luck working out the clings! ;)

Becky Williams

This is so, so cute, Laura! ♥ What an adorable little baby. I love how you did the arrows, too!

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