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December 04, 2013



What a huge undertaking Laura!! WTGG!

That just got me to thinking of the whole thing in reverse...How about taking photos of all of our LOs and composing a book of copies for Grandparents?? that would be an AWESOME gift and it's not like you would have to make a pile new LOs just take pics of the existing ones!
This way ....God forbid anything should ever happen to your albums (not YOUR everyone's) you will have some form of a copy of them out there. Maybe that's next years big gift covered! ;D


I can not wait to see this book so so cool! I know that getting this chore off your to do list was a huge under taking and that you must feel great that it is done!


ILOVE this idea Laura. I am such a fan of creating photo books! In fact it has become a family tradition at Xmas time that I now create photo books for both sets of grandparents and myself. I hope you share a sneak or two when you get your finished book...x


Wow! That was a huge undertaking. I bet it will look amazing. You must share when you have a minute. I would love to see it. I bet it is such a nice feeling to go through all of those pages and free up some space. I bet the little organizer in you is very happy with the result. :) I have a free 8.5x11 coupon code in my Shutterfly account that I need to get a digi book made before the end of January. I have made a few year in review type things. Waiting for Christmas so I can add those photos as well.

Mendi Yoshikawa

Wowee! This is quite the project and such an awesome accomplishment! For the people that scrapbook a duplicate layout for each of their children, I always said that by the time my kids move out there would be enough technology for them to do something like this. So glad you've proved me right. Now if they could just invent a camera set up where you insert your layout into a 12x12 slot and it takes perfectly focused and exactly square shots every time that would make our lives so much easier! ;)

John Vonhof

As your dad, please know how proud I am of you and your scrapbooking accomplishments. You have created beautiful snippets of precious moments of your day care children and Alyssa and Sarah ( and you and Joe). These will be treasured for years and years. You have had some great kids in daycare and have cared for them well. Be proud of the layouts and hold them close to your heart.

Cynthia B.

This is a BIG project, but I know how fulfilling it will be to have that book in your hands...not to mention the appreciation from the families that will receive these precious pages! And - how sweet is the comment from your dad? (Aww!)


Wow. You're good.


Very interesting, thanks for sharing !

Kathy Martin

What an incredible idea! Putting this project on the to-do list! :)

Wendy A

THAT was an amazing idea, can't imagine the time it took. Gonna have to try this (someday)!

Sheila Wagner

It would be a dream come true to see all if the layouts you gave created over the years. You are incredibly talented!

Sheri E.

This was perfect timing. I'm finishing up a scrapbook project for my friend's daughter of the story of her survival of being hit by an SUV. While she will get the paper copy I want to make digital ones for grandparents and other relatives who want it. Do you have any hints for photographing the layouts for this purpose?

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