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February 11, 2014



Love these little glimpses into her senior year. It will fly by in the blink of an eye and I am happy she will have these memories to look back on.


She is so cute, Laura! Her big smile must just light up the room. :) It is hard and yet exciting/proud moment for mama's when they graduate. I remember when my Laura graduated from high school like it was yesterday, and in reality she's been out of high school almost 8 yrs (in June). Time goes so darn fast. I couldn't believe how fast her last few years flew. Brittany is a sophomore this year and I know these last 2.5 yrs are going to go at warp speed. Dreading.

Vera W. Yates

Wow... she looks so grown up! I still remember her being a toddler from looking at your scrapbook pages. Isn't it funny, I feel like I know her just from looking at your layouts through the years. She is gorgeous.

Shemaine Smith

She has grown up so much since I first starting visiting your blog. I love this mash up! I know what you mean about not being ready. Scott is a Jr. and we're taking PSAT's and such and the whole idea that next year is his last makes me feel a little scared...only a mom can understand that feeling :)


I love catching glimpses of everyday life! I can't wait to see what you have planned with all those Instagram photos...x :)

John Vonhof

We are proud of her. It has been fun to see how she has grown into a beautiful young lady with her great smile. The world is at her doorstep and she can make it happen. Love her.


I love catching glimpses of your everyday life! Good luck surviving her senior year - I've had 2 of mine graduate and they are a bit hard on a mommy's heart!!

Diana Waite

wow-- how time flies! this is GREAT everyday pics!!

Kim M

I love seeing the everyday stuff. Although I started following you for the layouts years ago, it has been nice to see your girls grow over the years and get the glimpses into your real life. It amazes me how you can juggle it all and make it all look so easy.

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