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June 04, 2014



Congrats! The graduations never make me cry either but the weeks/events leading up to it turn me into a puddle! lol (of course the kids find this hilarious!) Enjoy this summer with your girl.


Hi Laura, I'm so glad I stopped by!! Have been thinking of you and knew your oldest was graduating this year!! YAY!!! So happy to see this post but didn't expect her to have the ceremony already, ours is this Saturday.
I'm so happy for all of you, she has done so well and grew up so fast. I know what you mean about the crying part, the big moments I just soak in and then cry later.
Too bad about the speakers though, they should know to have plenty everywhere. Ours used to be outside too but with our crazy Ohio weather, we do them inside now and it gets so HOT and packed quickly.
So glad to see your on IG, I am too and now I can follow you that way.
Congrats on the first one to graduate! Such a big moment!!

Lisa Howard

Congratulations! Wow! I can't believe Alyssa is a graduate! So much time has passed since I first started following your blog. Seeing your beautiful daughter in her cap and gown really drove that point home. You have every reason to be a proud mom! I know your girl(s) will do great things!

Laura T.

What great pictures! I can't believe you kept it together. I would have been like Sarah and completely lost it.


Congratulations to Alyssa and your entire family.

Natalie (QSOgirl)

Congratulations, Alyssa! And extra special congratulations for receiving the Pinnacle Team Award-- that is awesome :)

Diana Waite

WAY to go to your AMAZING girl--TOTALLY fantastic!!

Ruth G

Congratulations! What a wonderful post. I was getting teary just reading it! Sounds like you've done a great job, Laura. I know that kids are who they are regardless of who their parent is, but I don't think a child can truly be successful without the love and support of their family! Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to hear what the next chapter brings for Alyssa!


Awww teary eyed. Reminds me of my girls graduating. It really does just go by so so fast. Congratulations!!!

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