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November 02, 2014



I always love your collage layouts, Laura! Thanks for the printing tip.

Mendi Yoshikawa

Loved this post and can't wait to see those layouts you're working on! I can get kind of tired of scrapbooking Christmas at times too (especially the mundane photos of unwrapping presents). I do similar organizing a couple times a year trying to take advantage of Shutterfly's 101 free prints. Last night I was rushing to edit and pair my photos with sketches (so I can shrink down & print my photos at the right size the first time). It's always time consuming, but it feels sooo good to get it done and to have my photos planned and ready to go. :)

Krista Lund

so inspired laura! now need to find the time!!


~sigh~ Tackling Christmas photos...why is it so difficult? I love Christmas! I have a whole section that I keep the photos and supplies, but they just sit there taunting me.

Thanks, Laura! I will get to sorting, and maybe even printing some collages, and they will then smile at me.


Loved this post!! I feel the same way about scrapbooking Christmas. It is such a great and important holiday but has SO MANY PHOTOS! I think sometimes I feel limited by the red and green colors of the holiday and with so many colors in the photos, its tough to target a couple colors that "play well" on a page. I'm excited to see your layouts and what you come up with. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole N.

Love how you always get so many photos on your pages and they look so clean and organized!

Melanie S

Great post! I love Kerri's templates too! Can I ask what printer you use for home printing? Thank you!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

I also really dislike scrapbooking Christmas-- and it's pretty much my favorite holiday!!! Part of it is because I haven't ever had many Christmassy scrapbook products that I really liked.. but I think a lot of it is because my photos always look kind of the same to me-- and the lighting is always so bad! Now that I have children, it is overwhelming to think of alllllll the photos that I will have (because I oh-so-love to take photos!). I love your collage idea and I will definitely have to keep it in mind!!

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