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February 18, 2016


Marcie L

This is so cool that you got this done! I don't have much from my school years, but I could probably do something like this. Thanks so much for the inspiration and kudos on doing this :)

Carolyn E

This is such an awesome project!!! Now I definitely have the need to go looking for what I do have!
I so love the simplicity of this, besides the time consuming (if everything isn't together) task of collecting the stuff and die cutting the titles, it's really just adhering everything in order, LOVE!
Okay, going to start pulling stuff to see if I've got enough for an album or at least it'll be all together in one box!
Thanks Laura for sharing your process, and great job on the finished album! 😀💯

Heather Crawford

Love this Laura! I would love to do something like this for me too! By the way, I had HUGE hair too went to a school that didn't believe in dancing or rock music, etc either so we only had stupid banquets too! Bleh!


This is an amazing accomplishment! It a lot of ways it is motivating me to dig through my high school stuff and get it corralled into one spot. In other ways it's motivating me to burn all of my big hair 80s pictures:) You carried it off...i looked like I was BEING carried off! haha. But seriously - this is a VERY impressive post.

{vicki} in ga

Thanks so much for sharing!


Oh, this is great! I would love to do something like this sometime. I graduated in 1986 and my senior picture is amazingly similar to yours!


What an amazing keepsake Laura! I think it is awesome that you put this together! And thanks for sharing - it's inspiring me to do the same thing! I have thought about doing one for a long time but never seem to pull it all together. I like your simple approach to it though.


love this! love your style. thanks for the inspiration :)


I don't know you but I've been a fan of your scrapping style for years. So fun looking through you're school album. I almost thought I had gone to school with you for a second there until I read that it was Fremont Christian, I went to different schools in Fremont, but wow what a flashback just looking back at those photos from the 80's, reminded me of me and my friends. Loved it.

thanks for the idea.


Wow I love this! I never even thought to make my own school album but then again I have not really dug into my photos yet from when I was little. So many of my girls that I have not done. Our school colors were black and orange so I feel your pain. I loved your big hair (class of 89 here) I could never get mine to work it was way to fine. After kids my hair turned into something else and I could certainly rock the big hair now. haha. Thanks for sharing this album it was really great.

Carolyn E

So I finally pulled what I have and had my sister go through what my mom has...I'll say that I'm surprised that I have all but my K-3 grade report cards! But what I'm lacking are actual pictures, my mom only has one 8x10 of me, I have some wallet and smaller than wallets for a handful of the grades :( I do have class pictures for K, & 4-6 (yearbooks for jr high and my senior year). So not sure where I'm going to go from here. But I am glad that I went through and seen what I did have! I might have talked my sister into doing hers (if she found enough) and maybe her doing one for my nephew! Thanks again Laura for sharing :)

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