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July 11, 2016



hey i am the same...no kids and some weeks an ever-so-boring set of blah photos!!!! but i still do it as im enjoying the documentation
but i too would love to do a 9x12 album....but cannot find any in NZ...so have one im thinking of asking the local hardware shop to cut!!! ekkkk
and wondering if i can do it to other sealed/covered albums??
the one i will cut first...is naked cover like one you showed on your blog...but other ones...???

anywho happy week
from mandybl from IG....
kindergarten teacher
who is always one day ahead of ya!!! xx


Great job! I'm with you - I keep my Project Life album simple with photos and journaling. I wouldn't get it done otherwise! I've been slacking off on mine lately. I need to get back to it. This post has made me want to work on it right now.

Cynthia B.

Thanks for sharing your process! I also ordered and completed the Project 365 album from CK, way back in 2009. I got burned out by the end of that year, but I understand how Project Life has become so popular now...so many options and products for us memory-keepers!


Great tips--I sort of let 2015 slide, I was taking pictures and keeping programs and things but no printing or journaling. Then I decided to take it to task and i printed ALL of the photos--making some 3 x 4 on a 4 x6 sheet--it took a few months a little here and a little there but I was able to get it done. I just finished the last journaling card yesterday with the help of my kids. That's what actually pushed me to do it, they love looking at it and contributing to it. That was a RAMBLE but thanks--guess great minds think a like, because this has been one of my projects lately!

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