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September 20, 2016



No matter what you do next I have no doubt you will Rock that too Laura! Best wishes on all your future endevours!


I will miss you on Bella Blvd. I can honestly say that it's because of you that I own so much Bella Blvd. I look forward to seeing what you do next. And as long as you're still scrapbooking, and sharing, I'm a happy girl. Take care of YOU.

Mandy B

oh such a loss for bella blvd...but yes there is a season for everything and you know when it is time to move on
and yes please keep scrapping....
i love seeing ya work
mandyb all the way from NZ


Laura, I missed the announcement on the Bella Blvd, so I am sad to read this. Happy for your next adventure though. I love reading your blog, have enjoyed your work on Bella Blvd., and will follow you where you land. Best of luck and thanks for the fantastic ideas.


So sad to see you leave Bella Blvd, but can't wait to see where you pop up at. Wherever it is I know you will be fantastic!!

Sandy Goldman

You get a standing ovation from me. I have been a long time admirer of your work. You are right, you totally rocked everything that you did for Bella. And you are going to do that again for the next company you work for. I am really looking forward to seeing what is in your future and will continue to look for your fabulous layouts. Any company will be thrilled to have your talent on their team.


So glad to hear you'll still be continuing your own blog as well as designing for Kerri. Looking forward to seeing more of your great layouts. Take a well deserved rest.


Good luck my friend. Glad to hear that you will still be scrapbooking. I can't imagine a scrappy world without you in it. I am sure whatever direction that you turn you will land just where you should be. Looking forward to seeing what is ahead for you and enjoy all the moments in between.


Good for you Laura for recognizing that it was time. It's not easy, I am sure, but something else will come along. It's not a good feeling when you feel at a loss. Your work is amazing and I admire you. I can't wait to see what door opens up for you next. Kudos to you!

Katie Rose

I am so glad to hear that you will be continuing to scrapbook! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Stacie D

Laura! You are awesome and it makes me sad your time is done on the Bella Blog! You are an amazing designer and rocked multitasking all of those behind the scenes jobs online! Keep on keeping on! You inspire!

Tracy Dayett

Thank you so much for all the inspiration ... you are truly so gifted and I love the layouts you create! I am beyond happy you will continue creating and sharing on your blog! I wish you nothing but goodness and success in your future!!!

Cindy deRosier

I'll miss you at Bella Blvd. Good luck with whatever the future might hold!

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