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January 04, 2017


John Vonhof

Ok, I'm exhausted just reading over what you want to accomplish this year. But I'm also very proud of everything you have done over the years. I tell people about my professionally scrapping daughter and how you have been published probably more than I have. You have a good eye for layout, design, and color. I'm very proud.


Glad to read that you'll still be scrapping and sharing you're layouts. I've been following you for years and would miss seeing your beautiful layouts.

BTW, what font did you use for your paragraph titles? I'm a fontaholic. :)

Mandy B

phew what a list....but hey thinking and planning is step one
go you!!!!
ive cut my naked cover album down to between 6x12 - 9x12
and cannot wait to start using it!!!!
go us!!!!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Looks like you have more than enough there to keep you busy for the next five years. ;) Such a great list though. Love the idea of setting goals to give your creative time some direction. Can't wait to see what you create in 2017! :)


I'm looking forward to seeing your work, Laura. It always inspires me!

Kim m

Thank you for sharing all this. I have been struggling with how I want to
Approach scrapping this year and you have given me some good ideas.

Heather Crawford

Yes on so much of that! I still scrapbook layouts every now and then. The main thing I fall behind on with Project Life is the journaling card for each week...thinking this year with the app, I may just do bullet point journaling on a card or something. I love the app and am excited to do things a little differently as I have done the physical albums since 2012! We love to look at them though and I am very thankful I completed them (there may be a few weeks here and there that are missing, but oh well. I may or may not get them done, but the majority of the year is there!
Good luck and am always inspired by your posts and layouts!!


I have plans to scrapbook older photos with the Project Life system and keeping it really simple, too: photos, predesigned cards, and a bit of journaling, mixed in with the other traditional layouts I've made in the past. I've used it for the past few years for simple weekly layouts, and I love it. When I feel like being more creative, I'll make cards or make a mini album. I look forward to seeing the projects you share here. You always inspire me!


Dear Laura, I miss your posts. I hope to see more of your 12x12 pages. They inspire me. Thank you.

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