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January 08, 2018



Laura, ve been reading your blog for years, and I miss your non-layout posts and look forward to a mix of posts from you. :)

Laurel Seabrook

I'm right there with you! My crafting has definitely changed, but I still love it. I still love to blog and yes, I know not as many people read it and I am still working on my weight loss goal.... 30 pounds down and 20 to go. I'm happy to keep following your blog and look forward to your posts!


yes blogs are not as big as they used to be
but i am loving the mix of things on your IG too
some kids, some family, so food and crafty stuff....
a nice mix


Love your blog and so happy to see you start posting more regularly. There are definitely people like me who love to read your fun and witty blog! You always seem to inspire me.

Heather Crawford

Yay! I love your posts! I am assessing my scrapbooking goals too and I KNOW my Project life albums are so important. I tried all app last year and just fizzled out for the first time since 2012..SO, I've been pondering. I think I really like physical PL and am going to go back to that. Just trying to decide on a size. I've done 12x12 and 6x12. Perhaps I'll look at 9x12. I LOVE the PL app, but for layouts, not week to week for some odd reason.

I LOVE food posts and am going to make those potato skins Friday. They sound like something my family would like! I pinned a few of the others too. I tried a mac and cheese in the crockpot last week and it was bleh...way too cheesy and mushy!
:( I meal plan and am always looking for new recipes! I use Pinterest as my recipe book too !


I like reading whatever you feel like sharing. 😀

Diana Waite

you know I LOVE your blog even if I don't always say anything! ;) I would love to see recipes for your foods that you are sharing-I love mixing it up a bit! LOVE all that you post-you have inspired me to be different in my approach with Project Life-THANK YOU!!

Jennifer O

I find that I like everything that you care to share! Thanks for blogging more.

Lisa Evans

I'm with everyone else, love reading about your family, crafting ideas and the scrapbooking. We're hear regardless of the topic. My kiddos are little 4&8),so I am trying to keep up with life- scrapbooking as we go, but want to know how to handle the growing up and adulting. :)

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