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April 01, 2019



Your HH dress reminds me of the one my mom made for my youngest sister, that was passed down to my DD. My sister is 18 years younger than me, so only 4 years older than my daughter.

Thankfully my parents only used their hands to swat us, but in elementary school (early 60s) the principal had a wooden paddle she used on the students, never me or my parents would have been up in arms in spite of the fact that corporal punishment was the norm back in the day.

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That wooden spoon! Thank you for sharing. it reminds me of my childhood days.

Mendi Yoshikawa

So classic--Love it! Makes me think of the new show "The kids are alright" based in the 70's. Hee-hee! My mom didn't use a wooden spoon or paddle, but my babysitter did and I was horrified into submission. ;)


I thought you were going to say your mom or dad swatted you (I can relate!) But it's sad that the principal did it. Those were VERY different times and so glad it is NOT like that anymore!

Traci Morgan

You were way too sweet and innocent for a paddling. Funny thing is I always remembered that you got sent to the principal's office for not talking. I guess I knew there was an injustice in that, for it to stick in my mind. I didn't start that school until 3rd grade though. In my recollection, the teacher asked you to answer a question and you wouldn't so you got sent to the office.

John Vonhof

As the alleged "paddlee", that's how my parents raised us. Their paddle was a 2 1/2 inch wide stick that was also used for stirring the water when dying clothes. So it was stained beet color on one end. I got swatted at home and at school. Part of me agrees it no longer belongs in homes, much less in schools, but then, we didn't turn out bad - compared to some of today's kids. Values were different back then. That said, I love this page.

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